Friday, April 8, 2011

{Friday Favorites}

Yikes it has been way too long! Since its been so long, this list may get exhaustive! 

1. Camelbak water bottle
This bad boy causes me to drink sooo much water during the day! This is going to sound weird but in order to drink from it, you have to bite and straw part and suck at the same time. This makes the bottle unable to spill when the straw it up. In true 5 year old fashion, I enjoy biting the straw and drinking with no hands.... and multi-tasking- I can drink from it and type, paint nails, straighten my hair. Its amazing, I know. 

2. The month of March
Okay, I know its April 8th. March is by farrrr my favorite month of the year. St. Patricks Day, March Madness, Spring Weather... enough said! The weather is so gorgeous, we can wear bathing suits in the day and sweaters at night. Its absolutely perfect. March also happens to be my birthday month, which is on St. Patricks Day! And the month when many of my close friends were born. March is fullll of celebrations, presents and cake! March madness is also a blast and the last hoorah of my sports watching before fall. Sad that it is over, but definitely worth mentioning as a favorite. 

3. Small Group
I am so thankful for the girls in my small group... we get to spend time together reading God's Word, sharing in what we are learning, keeping each other accountable. Its is such an amazing relationship we have... and it goes beyond Monday nights- we go to the beach, have dinner, plan sleepovers (to come). I love my girls! 

4. Tickets to Miranda Lambert Concert
This week my friend informed me he has tickets to spare to the Miranda Lambert concert. My Dad, sister and I got to see her when she opened for Kenny Chesney nearly 3 years ago! I thought she was great then, but didn't have a love for her like I do now. The three of us get to see her in concert this coming Thursday and we are so excited!!! 

Last but definitely not least.....
My best friend Stacy bought me a gift card for Disney for Christmas. We decided to get annual passes together and we're making our first trek up to Orlando on Saturday. I cannot wait to go on rides, see shows and just feel the excitement of being there again! It will be so fun to go with Stacy because she has this crazy exciting zest for life which makes everything more fun! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

{Friday Favorites}

Ah! Is it already Friday again? Here are just a few of my faves...

Sanibel Coffee Bar: The coffee is amazing. The people are fun. The parties are entertaining... We had a coffee bar party(/meeting) this weekend and they are sure to be a good time. We learn, drink wine, eat, walk to the beach and even had a showcase of talent! This is our group!

Acepromazine: Now, I already know this is going to sound horrible. But this is Dallas' new sedative from his favorite man, Dr. Shivers. Dallas has chewed through his sling twice (even with a cone) which is setting his arm free and slowing his healing. I suggested an induced coma, but the vet has given me these instead. There isn't much more annoying a thing than a spastic cone headed dog on three legs... this new med is working like a charm!

Soccer: For real this time. Soccer starts tonight! I can't wait. (Last week we got rained out...)

Milk Frother: I received this as a gift from April for Christmas... and it is probably my favorite gift! This bad boy will froth your milk, stir your tea or freak your dog out. I use it every day for a coffee shop feel at home!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

It has been forever... but inspired by my friend and sisters Friday Favorite list, I felt motivated to crab a fresh cup of coffee and get to writing!

1. My main man, Dallas. Last week he got hit by a car... it was an awful experience but he is on his way to recovery! This is the poor guy with his sling (that he later learned to chew partially off). He is in a ton of pain, which has caused the overprotective mother in my me to heighten... but has also made me realize how much I love him and am thankful to have him around (even if its only on 3 legs for now...). Like I said before, he is recovering and should be as good as new in 3-5 weeks!

2. Miami Heat! So I admit it, I am officially jumping on the bandwagon. I had the opporunity to go to a Heat game this past Tuesday with my friend Norma. Her and her husband have season tickets and they have sort of adopted me into their family (which I am sooo grateful for). So the Heat played the Pacers and they won in a great comeback! I love going to sporting events, so it was fun to hang out with Norma, cheer on the Heat and dance in the stands. Here are a couple shots from the night!

Florida Gator, Mike Miller about to shoot, Lebron just after his shot, and D.Wade chillin with a ball in his hands. 

3. Painting! Who knew?!? I would never, ever, ever consider myself creative. After visiting my best friend Renee in Wisconsin and a few days of painting with her, I was hooked. It has now become my therapy. Having a glass of wine  and painting away has become one of my favorite things to do at night (cliche, I know). Here are a couple things  did this week- more in the abstract category, but fun nonetheless!

4. Color Popping. Sounds weird, I know. If you know me, you know that I am a matchy-matchy, balance, even everything type of girl. Regarding decor, everything is in a color scheme of 2-3 colors and there is 2-3 of everything (sconces, vases, candles, etc). I am really trying to break this habit and one way I am doing that is in my clothes... focusing on color poppage :) Basically, I will wear a normal outfit and add a fun color shoes or a random hair peice. The colors always compliment each other, but are typically pretty random. Like here, I wore a mustard sweater with a rasberry hair peice. It may seem silly to some, but its BIG for me!

5. Soccer!!! Our soccer season starts again tonight. We are coming back as the #1 team in the league and I am so excited for this season with a few new additions. We have so much fun playing, joking and laughing... but still being seriously competitive. I have soooo much fun on those fields!